F-18 Hornet Training

Always know when to turn

It's one of those days when you're out flying Top Gun one vs. one missions, to see who can "gun" who. Okay, head-on pass with your F-18 Hornet, put the pipper on that Bozo's helmet for a beautiful video tape shot of your "guns, guns, guns" kill on this guy...And the result is: a midair collision with two F-18s and both return. One comes in with part of a left wing and left vertical fin and rudder missing, while the other takes the approach end barrier missing everything forward of the cockpit pressure bulkhead - and is flying a convertible because the canopy is shattered too. Uh, anybody seen an APG -63 radar, fire control computer, and numerous radio boxes laying around the country side? Oh, yeah, I'm missing a complete M61A3 20mm cannon and ammo drum too, but don't tell the boss . . .

F-18 on Final - gear down wingtip missing
Inspecting an F-18 afterward. I can see the inspector asking: Now how close were you?
This F-18 is now a snout nosed version.

A friend of mine forwarded these onto me in the summer of 2003 from his friend who took the pictures.